Curriculum Characteristic

Curriculum Characteristic

The school curriculum is based on the goal and objectives of the《Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide》. Based on the principles of fostering children’s comprehensive and balanced development, the Kindergarten Education Curriculum aims to help children achieve five developmental objectives, namely “Moral Development”, “Cognitive and Language Development”, “Physical Development”, “Affective and Social Development”, and “Aesthetic Development”, with a view to nurturing children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.

The school carries out integrated curriculum. The curriculum includes six main categories to encourage children to learn through different themes, diversified activities, visits and role-plays.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

Our children are able to learn English with a native English speaker and Putonghua with a specialist teacher, thus laying a solid foundation for their biliteracy and trilingual abilities. We also engage children in story-telling and different types of activities to develop a love of learning in them.

The school also promotes parent-child reading scheme and encourage students to read books and express their impression of the books in words or pictures under the assistance of their parents which in turn nurturing the habit of reading.

Operational and Integrated Mathematical Learning in Preschools

The school carries out “Operational and Integrated Mathematical Learning in Preschools”.

Artistic development

We stimulate children to get involved in different art activities, e.g., body movement activities, role-playing, drawing, art creations and all kinds of musical activities. Through taking part in these activities, children will learn to express themselves and their emotions and develop an interest in art.

Physical Development

A rich variety of activities are held to nurture children’s self-care skills, promote in them a healthy physical and mental development, help them build a strong body, enhance their sensory mechanisms and motor skills.

Moral development

Children participate in a myriad of moral development activities which enable them to develop a positive self-image and positive values. They will develop the ability to get along with others and to put what they have learnt into practice in everyday school life.